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Denture Cream Adhesive Zinc Poisoning is Still an Issue

November 12, 2012


The possible health hazard of using denture cream adhesive is far from old news.  Although the adverse effects of some brands initially brought them into prominence in lawsuits back in 2009, and scientific research on the effects of zinc in denture cream began even earlier, victims are still filing suits. The denture cream lawsuits claim […]

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How “Loss of Consortium” Factors Into an Ohio Personal Injury Case

August 1, 2012

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When a personal injury occurs, whether it is the result of negligence, medical malpractice, or intentional conduct, there are many times more persons injured than just the plaintiff.  The compensatory (economic) damages are loss of wages, medical bills, etc… that can have a receipt or bill attributed to them.  The damages that do not come […]

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Denture Cream Lawsuits

March 15, 2012


The following article was contributed by Sandy Bee Lynn: Zinc is known to man as an essential element which is required in the body for a number of processes such as wound healing. A deficiency of zinc can result in poor health conditions and one of its benefits is helping to prevent diarrhea. On the […]

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