Law Will Regulate Puppy Mills to Improve Standards and Prevent Dog Attacks in Ohio

January 17, 2013

Dog Bites

puppy mills in OhioA new Ohio law regulating large-scale dog breeding in Ohio, aimed at improving the lives of animals in “puppy mills,” will take effect in early February 2013.   Senate Bill 130, signed into law by Gov. John Kasich on December 11, 2012, has been in process for seven years.  (It takes 60 days from Dec. 11 for the law to take effect.)

Before passage of the legislation, Ohio was among 22 states that had no regulation of high-volume breeding operations.  There are an estimated 4,000 commercial breeding kennels in Ohio who will now be subject to enforcement of housing and care standards, registration with the state, and annual licensing fees.

The program will be enforced by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Violations of the standards could bring civil penalties of up to $100 per day.

According to the new law, high volume dog breeders will include those selling nine litters of puppies or 60 or more dogs in a calendar year.  These breeders will be subject to annual inspections by veterinarians depending on the number of dogs sold and litters produced and licensing fees could be as high as $750 per year.

If a complaint is filed, boarding kennels can be inspected by the state.  Complaints do not have to be in writing or signed by the complaint’s originator.

Another group affected by the new legislation will be local animal rescue operations, most of whom are volunteers who serve as “foster parents” for animals until permanent homes can be  found.  Several years ago in Clark County, OH, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  (ASPCA) discovered people were hoarding animals and describing themselves as “rescuers.” These operations had to be shut down.

With the new legislation, the rescue organizations will also have to register with the state at no cost to them and will be required to report names and addresses of all foster homes they use.  Most in the area, interviewed by did not think the rescue operations would be seriously affected by the new rules.

The passage of this law should help to reduce dog abuse and neglect.  Dogs that have been abused or neglected are more likely to attack a person, and the new law should help to reduce the number of dog bites in Ohio each year.  The passage of this law will not only protect kennel dogs, but will also protect Ohio citizens exposed to kennel dogs.

To learn about dog bite and dog attacks in Ohio, please visit

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Here are five examples of actual results in dog bite cases for Slater & Zurz clients throughout Ohio:

An eight-year-old girl was attacked by her neighbor’s dog while playing in her own yard and received injury to her ocular nerve and scarring of her face.  She and her family received $250,000 in a negotiated settlement.

A young boy was viciously attacked by a dog and received numerous injuries.  He received a $230,000 settlement.

A motorcyclist was attacked by a pit bull while driving down a country road.  He lost control of his motorcycle and injured his leg.  After a trial, he received $36,000.

A 5-year-old girl was attacked by the neighbor’s dog while playing in her yard and received deep wounds to her leg that resulted in a permanent scar.  She received a $27,000 negotiated settlement.

A woman was walking her dog when the dog was attacked by the neighbor’s dog.  When the woman attempted to save her dog, the neighbor’s dog attacked her causing wounds to her calf.  She obtained $50,000 in a negotiated settlement.

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