Divorce in Portage County, Ohio

Portage County Ohio DivorceAll divorce cases in the state of Ohio are facilitated through the Common Pleas Court for that particular county.  In Portage County, Ohio, divorce cases are filed in the Domestic Relations Court, located at:

203 W. Main Street

Ravenna, Ohio 44266.

(Click here for a map and driving directions to the Portage County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court)

The court is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and the telephone number is (330) 297-3475.

A Portage County divorce begins with the filing of a complaint.  The party filing the complaint is the “plaintiff” and the other spouse is the “defendant.”  The “defendant” may answer within 28 days.  If an answer is filed, the case is “contested.”  If the “defendant” does not file an answer, the case is “uncontested” and the ability to contest “grounds” for the divorce may be lost to that party who did not answer.

In Ohio, there must be an allegation of at least one statutory ground for divorce and the complaint must contain a demand for the relief being requested from the court.  A divorce complaint must allege, and the party filing for the divorce must later prove, at least one of the following legal grounds for divorce:

  • Adultery
  • Gross Neglect of Duty (such as not supporting the other spouse)
  • Cruelty, Abuse or Violence
  • Habitual Drunkenness
  • Incarceration of the Other Spouse (at time complaint filed)
  • Bigamy (One spouse was already married to another person)
  • Willful Absence from the Home for a Continuous One-Year Period
  • Fraudulent Contract (Fraudulent misrepresentations prior to the marriage)
  • Incompatibility of the Husband and Wife

In order to file for divorce in Portage County, Ohio, the plaintiff must have been a resident of Ohio at least six months immediately before filing the complaint and a resident of the county in which the divorce has been filed for at least 90 days.  The divorce is typically filed in the county in which the filing spouse resides.

As previously mentioned, a divorce is either an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce.  In an uncontested divorce, the divorcing couple agrees on almost every issue.  If the parties cannot agree on the issues that arise, the divorce is contested and ultimately legal counsel or a judge may decide or help decide the issues.

Whether a divorce case is contested or uncontested determines the procedures which will follow and the forms which must be filed in court.  If there are children involved, Portage County parents who file for divorce in Portage County, or who are the “defendant” in the divorce case, will be required to complete the “Children Are Forever” program within 60 days of Service of the complaint for divorce.

This three-hour seminar covers the topics of The Emotional Impact of Divorce on Children: Children’s Reactions to Divorce at Different Stages; How Parents Can Help Children; and Community Resources for Help for You.

Register for this program through the Portage County Domestic Relations Bailiff at (330) 297-3880.

The experienced Ohio divorce attorneys at Slater & Zurz LLP know how to file for divorce in Portage County and will answer your questions about divorce.  Call us at 1-888-760-8958 and let us show you that getting a divorce is certainly a serious matter, but one that can go more smoothly that you might initially imagine if you obtain some legal assistance.

To learn more about the divorce process or to contact us via our website, please visit dissolutionanddivorce.com

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