Frequently Asked Questions About Children and Divorce in Ohio

child visitation and child support What types of custody arrangements can be made in Ohio?

In Ohio, courts typically recognize two types of parenting agreements with respect to minor children.  The first is to designate a one party as the custodial parent, and the other as the non-custodial parent.  The second is where the court recognizes both parents as custodial, which is commonly called a shared-parenting agreement.  In the first scenario and under Ohio law, the custodial parent will have the duty of making all the important choices for the child, such as education, religion and medical treatment.  The non-custodial parent will have visitation rights, and access to the child’s records, but will not factor into the decision making for the child.

Will I receive child support and how much will I get? 

Questions of child support are ultimately determined by three factors:  each parent’s current income, the cost of child care for the minor when the parents are in work and healthcare costs associated with the child.  The presiding court will then use a worksheet to calculate how much one parent must pay another.  Here is an example of the worksheet filled out and submitted to the court.   The court has the ability to deviate from the calculation in certain situations, such as when the child has special needs, or the parents have come to a shared parenting agreement.

What happens if my child does not want to see their non-custodial parent? 

This is always a difficult situation, and the wrong decision can be made if it is based solely on emotions and not reason or thinking about the best interests of the child.  As a general proposition, it is extremely important for a child to maintain familial relations with both parents if they are going through some form of separation.   The custodial parent should always encourage the child to visit the non-custodial parent.  This is true even if the child is not comfortable visiting with one of the parents.  If this problem comes up, perhaps counseling can help the child acclimate to the idea of visiting a parent away from their custodial home.  A child does not have to visit a parent if there is evidence of abuse or neglect, which should be immediately reported to the authorities.

If my former spouse is in arrears on child support, can he/she still see my child? 

Unfortunately, non-payment of child support is not a basis for denying visitation rights to a child.   As frustrating a situation as non-payment can be, it is important to allow the delinquent parent visitation with the child.  Again, financial support of the child is important, but maintaining a quality relationship with both parents might supersede that financial requirement.  If you have a former-spouse who is not paying court-ordered support, don’t fear – there are several methods the court can use that can satisfy their financial obligation.  These include driver’s license suspension, wage-garnishment and perhaps even jail-time.

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