Northeast Ohio Personal Injury News Stories Show Why Ohio Personal Injury Law is So Important

Ohio personal injury newsPersonal injury law carries a negative connotation.  However, the stereotypes associated with personal injury law and lawyers are misplaced.  The fact of the matter is that personal injuries happen more frequently than people think, and personal injury law plays a huge part in helping Ohioans pay medical bills, fix or replace their property and recover lost wages.  Listed below are just a few examples of personal injury stories reported from this past weekend:

–          Today, News Channel 5 reported that an Akron man died after being crushed by a pneumonic lift while he was at work.  On Saturday, the Akron, Ohio mechanic was working at Xtreme Elements in Tallmadge, Ohio.  According to reports, the mechanic was working on construction equipment that involved him using a pneumonic lift.  A co-worker came in Saturday morning to find the mechanic crushed by the lift – he was pronounced dead at the scene.  Certainly, questions about wrongful death and products liability will be answered after a preliminary investigation.


–          Late last week, News Channel 5 also reported a motorcyclist is in serious condition after being involved in an accident with a car.  The motorcycle accident, occurring on I-77 south, caused the Arlington exits to be closed for a few hours to allow police to investigate the crash.  While the driver of the car was not injured, the motorcyclist was taken to Akron City Hospital.  Liability for the accident should be determined from the investigation, which could allow the motorcyclist to recover damages for his injuries and property.


–          Finally, the Plain Dealer reports that there is a massive tripping hazard on Northfield Road in Shaker Heights, Ohio.  This story is interesting, as it points out the potential for a personal injury before it actually occurs.  Reportedly, there is a nearly three-foot, rusting piece of steel rebar jutting out from the curb over the sidewalk.  The report indicates that the obstacle is certainly a hazard, and at least one citizen has already stumbled over it.  After a story like this, it can be said the city is on notice of an open and obvious tripping hazard, which could be grounds for a personal injury action.


If you or a loved one were involved in an automobile accident,  motorcycle accident, or suffered a wrongful death anywhere in Ohio, contact the Ohio law firm of Slater & Zurz LLP for a free case evaluation and a free consultation from Ohio attorneys experienced with all aspects of Ohio personal injury law.  Learn what actions you can take to recover compensation for personal injuries.  Call 1-888-534-4850 or contact us through our website:

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