Bicycle Accidents and Bicycle Accident Injuries

October 23, 2012

Bicycle Accidents

Ohio bicycle accidentsIn the past 15 years, fatalities involving bicycle riders have dropped 25 percent from 830 deaths in 1995 to 615 in 2010.  Reported injuries involving bicyclists have also dropped by about 16 percent, from 61,000 to 52,000 nationally.

Based on the latter statistics and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report that bicyclists represent only two percent of traffic fatalities annually and that only one third of these bicycle accidents involve motor vehicles–is bicycle riding becoming safer?

This is a difficult question to answer, according to the website, ,an organization sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation.  It is not known how many people are riding each year and in what locations.  There is also little data on how far bicyclists travel each year and how long they are exposed to motor vehicle traffic.

In addition, many bicycle accidents are never recorded, especially those crashes on bike paths and trails. notes that a bicyclist’s risk of injury is based on exposure to various circumstances and varies by time of day with nighttime being the most risky time to ride a bike.  The experience of a rider, the location where he or she rides, and if there is any alcohol or drug use are also important factors in determining the danger level.

Seventeen percent of those killed in biking accidents in 2010 were children 14 and younger, but more than 80 percent of the total who died in 2010 were males with an average age of 41.  Those taking to bike riding are older than past enthusiasts.  The average rider in a fatal crash in 1995 was a male, aged 31.

In Ohio, there were 11 fatalities in 2010 in bicycle accidents, according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety.  There were another 1,630 reported biking injuries in 2010.

Some locations see numerous bicycle accidents.  At The Ohio State University in Columbus, there have been seven reported bicycle accidents since late August.  Three of them were serious enough to send someone involved to the hospital.  One student was on life support (but is now recovering); another lost his leg in a collision with a dump truck and a third student was a pedestrian hit by a bicyclist who suffered severe head injuries.

If you have experienced the death of a loved one in a bicycle accident or suffered injury yourself due to a driver’s reckless behavior or the negligent conduct of a company’s employee or even another bike rider, contact an experienced Ohio personal injury attorney to find out your legal options before signing any  forms or giving a statement to an insurance company.

After sustaining injury in a bicycle accident, it is important that you seek medical attention to assess the extent of your injuries.  It is also important to keep documentation of your doctor visit(s).  If you have a witness to what happened, ask them if they would make a statement on your behalf.

At Slater & Zurz LLP, we are experienced with Ohio’s automobile, insurance and liability laws and can help you explore all possible avenues of resolution to your bicycle accident case.

There are bicycle crash experts available who can investigate technical areas including bicycle design, assembly, or maintenance.  They can also explore issues related to roadways, trails or paths and investigate rider actions.

We have offices throughout Ohio from which we can represent clients including locations in Columbus, Akron, Canton and Cleveland.  Please contact Slater & Zurz  LLP for a free consultation by calling 1-888-584-4850 or send us a message by filling out the FREE CASE REVIEW located on the right side of our website,

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