Divorce Statistics and Divorce Myths

Ohio divorceDivorce has become a common occurrence in our society.  Since 2001, the number of people being married each year in the United States has dropped by over 200,000 people.  Contrast that with the number of people getting divorced, which has risen by over 30,000 from 2009 to 2010 alone.  In 2010, for every thousand people in our country, about 6.8 are getting married, while 3.6 are getting divorced.

Ohio is among the states with the smallest number of people being married – about 5.8 out of every thousand people “tied the knot” in 2010.  Contrast that with Arkansas, where the rate is nearly doubled at 10.8 or Nevada (home of the 10-minute wedding chapel), where the rate is a staggering 38.3.  Out of every thousand people in Ohio, 3.4 got divorced in 2010 – this means for approximately every 6 people that are married each year, over 3 people are getting divorced.  The bottom line – over half the marriages that occur in Ohio are ending in some form of separation.  (Facts found on the National Vital Statistics System)

Because divorce or annulment occurs so frequently in Ohio and across the country, Discovery Health recently did a study analyzing some myths surrounding divorce.  Among the most interesting are the following:

  • People believe that second marriages are more successful than first marriages, because the parties had a chance to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them.  However, Discovery reports that the divorce rate in second marriages is higher than that of first marriages.
  • Many believe that a couple living together before they are married is essential.  However, that myth is false, as couples that live together before they are married have a higher divorce rate than those that did not cohabitate before marriage.
  • Some desperate couples believe that having a child together will strengthen a marriage, and stop quarreling.  That fact is false, and the reason is common sense.  Having a child is considered one of the most stressful times in a marriage, and while couples with children divorce less than those without, the child is rarely the reason a couple decides to stay together.
  • A common misnomer is that children are better off if quarreling parents get a divorce, rather than stay together “for the sake of the child”.  This is actually false, because while both conclusions have a negative effect, reports have indicated that a divorce far more burdensome on a child than if he or she is raised by parents who constantly bicker.

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Source:  http://health.howstuffworks.com/relationships/marriage/debunking-divorce-myths6.htm

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