City of Akron, Ohio to Change Dog Attack Policies

October 4, 2012

Dog Bites

Akron Ohio dog bitesIn recent years, dog attacks and dog bites have become a serious problem in Ohio.  Dog attacks are frightening, especially when children are involved.  Recently, a young child was purportedly mauled in the City of Akron, and the response time of city officials has warranted a proposed change to how a dog warden should respond to emergency calls.

On September 19, 2012, near Dietz and Stanton Avenues, a 6 year-old boy suffered severe dog bites from a dog that was described as a pit bull. Allegedly, the dog got loose during an attempt to corral it into the house.  The dog then darted into the street where children were playing.  Most of the children jumped onto a nearby car, but one boy was not so lucky.  Police reported the dog bit the boy on the forehead, elbow, thigh and ankle.  The dog bit the owner’s girlfriend and child while they were trying to subdue the animal.   The boy was taken to a local medical center, and there was no word on his condition.

The police report stated that the dog warden refused to show up on the scene.  In response, the dog warden stated that if one of his staff responded to the scene, he wouldn’t have been able to do anything.  This is because the dog was already collared and taken back on to private property.  Because of these circumstances, the warden’s official commented, the staff member would have needed a warrant to seize the animal.  It is reported there were officials from the dog warden’s office that visited the dog owner’s home the day following the attack.  There, they issued more citations and a quarantine notice.

In response, neighborhood officials from the City of Akron are proposing changes to the way the dog warden responds to dog bite emergencies.  While the details of the changes are not yet publicly known, it is believed that this dog attack will be the benchmark that changes response protocol.

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