Actual Dog Attack Case Results for Our 8 Year-Old Client (Dog Bite Victim)

September 21, 2012

Dog Bites

dog bite victim OhioRecently, our firm (Slater & Zurz LLP) represented an eight-year-old boy who was viciously attacked by a dog in Akron, Ohio.  At the time of the dog attack, our client was at a neighbor’s house playing with the neighbor’s children.  As the children played, the neighbor’s dog attacked our young client without warning and for no reason.

As a result of the attack, our client suffered laceration and puncture wounds to his arm and chest.  The worst of the injuries was to the little boy’s arm.  While there were no functional injuries, the lacerations on the child’s arm were significant.  The plastic surgeon that examined our client believed the lacerations on the boy’s arm would leave permanent scars.  The doctor further believed that our client might need surgery in the future to correct or reduce the appearance of the scars.

To treat his injuries, our client was seen in the emergency room on the day of the dog attack.  He also followed up with several visits to his pediatrician and one visit to a plastic surgeon.

After our client completed his medical treatment, our law firm attempted to reach a fair settlement with the dog owner’s insurance company.  The insurance company, however, did not want to make a fair offer.  As a result, our firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client.  We are not afraid to go to trial, and our aggressive representation paid off.  A few months later we were able to resolve the boy’s case without having to go trial.  We settled the case for $41,000.00.

Our representation of this young man did not end when we settled his case.  After resolving the case, we helped the young man and his family set up a structured settlement, which guaranteed that our client would receive large lump sum payments throughout his adult life.  Due to our dedication to our client’s welfare, this boy will be taken care of not only today, but for years to come.

If you are a loved one has become the victim of a dog attack anywhere in Ohio, please contact us for a free consultation by calling 1-800-297-9191. Our attorneys have extensive experience with dog bites in Ohio and will provide you with valuable feedback and guidance about your dog bite case. You can also send us a message by visiting our website at

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