Workplace Accidents in Ohio May Require Legal Help

workplace accident in OhioWhen one goes to work each day in Ohio, one seldom expects that a life-changing injury will occur, or that a workplace accident will happen that will bring the ultimate tragedy to a worker’s family— death of their loved one.

In the latter case, there may be a wrongful death claim against the party or parties responsible if there was negligence, or a reckless or intentional act involved.

Worker accidents and deaths have occurred in Ohio several times this year.  There are collapses and cave-ins, chemical exposures, trench accidents, power tool and welding accidents, electrical hazards, fires and explosions, accidents involving industrial machinery and vehicles, scaffolding accidents, and others.

On July 30, a woman’s ponytail became caught in a machine in Norton, Ohio and she was pulled into the machine face first and trapped for 20 minutes.

On July 23, a 19-year-old man painting at a well site in Ohio was killed in an explosion.

On June 18, two workers at an industrial plant in Elyria, Ohio were burned when a furnace ignited.

On June 13, a Willoughby, Ohio road worker was critically injured while laying asphalt.  He  tried to stop the paver he was using from rolling downhill and received serious head injuries when he jumped from the machine.

These are just some of the workplace accidents that are happening everyday to hard-working Ohio men and women.  Many injuries at work are preventable and often caused by negligence in the repair or maintenance of machinery, or by an employer who was aware that machinery was defective or that safety procedures and regulations were not being followed and proceeded despite the presence of these conditions.

Sometimes a fellow employee’s negligence causes workplace accidents.  A related issue here is the lack of training of employees, especially temporary workers.  They may arrive at a worksite with little experience in operating heavy equipment or machinery.

Even if an employee’s actions result in an accident, he can usually recover under worker’s compensation. Ohio law requires an employer to pay for the injured worker’s medical expenses and may provide temporary or permanent disability or rehabilitation services (job retraining).  But sometimes these benefits are not enough and a person or their family must seek compensation through other sources.

It is important to seek medical help as soon as possible when one has a work-related injury and to document everything about the doctor visit or visits.  Do not allow an employer to discourage you from seeking treatment, filing a medical claim, or speaking with a lawyer.

Sometimes it is not the employer, but the machinery itself that caused the injury.  The machinery could have a design defect.  Lack of safety guards on equipment is one such example.  The safety guards should have been included in the original equipment design and would likely have prevented the injury.

Other types of work-related injuries may arise from working in an office environment or at another location.  They include carpal tunnel syndrome from performing repetitive tasks, occupational diseases such as asbestosis, pulmonary conditions, eye injuries, hearing loss, work-induced heart attack or stroke, back, neck and knee injuries and work-related emotional problems.

At Slater & Zurz LLP, we have extensive experience in representing individuals on the job.  When you have experienced a workplace injury or the wrongful death of a member of your family, you need the experience an Ohio work injury attorney can provide.  We handle a broad range of workplace accidents, no matter how complex, in all areas of Ohio.

Call 1-800-297-8181 to schedule an appointment or just to discuss your work-related injury with one of our experienced Ohio attorneys at no cost to youWorker’s compensation may not provide all the financial help that you are entitled to receive.

To learn more or to send us a message, please visit

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