Ohio Dog Owner’s Duties After His or Her Dog Bites a Person

September 6, 2012

Dog Bites

Ohio dog owner's duties after dog bites a personUnder Ohio law, a dog owner has certain duties after his or her dog has bitten another person.

First, a dog owner is not permitted to remove a dog that has bitten a person from the county in which the bite occurred until after the quarantine period has expired.  The length of the quarantine period will be at least 10 days.

Dog owners may not sell or give away a dog that has bitten someone until after the quarantine period has ended.  The only exception to this prohibition is that the dog owner may transfer the dog to the county dog warden or another animal control authority.

In addition, a dog owner may not destroy his or her dog after the dog has bitten a person until after the quarantine period has ended.  Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.  The dog may be destroyed to prevent further injury or death.  The dog may also be destroyed if the dog is diseased or seriously injured.

If a person destroys a dog that has bitten someone there are certain requirements that must be met.  First, the person must notify the board of health in the county where the bite occurred.  Second, the person must hold the body of the dog until the board of health claims it.  These provisions ensure that the board of health will be able to test the dog for rabies.

None of the preceding requirements, however, apply to a police dog that is either in the care of a licensed vet or has bitten a person while the police dog is being used for law enforcement, corrections, prison or jail security, or investigative purposes.

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