Car Accident vs. Truck Accident

July 27, 2012

Auto Accidents

car accidents and truck accidentsCar accidents occur more frequently than accidents involving semi-trucks.  Commercial drivers must be very good drivers, as they are operating the largest vehicles on the road.  Driving a truck is nothing like driving a car—the driver has many more things to operate inside the vehicle and must take action to avoid accidents much sooner than when driving a car.

Commercial licenses (“CDL”) are required to legally operate any vehicle over 26,000 pounds and any vehicle that has air operated brakes; this amounts to just about all trucks and buses.  A CDL is difficult to obtain, and requires much more rigorous testing than a regular drivers license. There are various “classes” of CDL’s such as “A, B, C, etc.”  The classes require different endorsements for operating different types of large vehicles, trailer types and combinations, materials to be hauled, types of brakes, and passenger numbers, and other variations in the vehicle’s characteristics.

Almost all truck drivers are required to keep a daily log that keeps track of miles travelled, loads hauled, hours on duty, hours on duty but not driving, consecutive days worked, weight hauled, and various other requirements.  If a truck or bus driver exceeds the legal time limits, does not log their driving appropriately, is overweight, or operating a vehicle that is not in compliance with state law, then the company that they work for may be held liable for damages incurred in an accident.  Trucks and buses are required to be inspected by a certified professional at least one time per year, which requires the owner of the truck to keep a record of the trucks mechanical condition.  Commercial drivers are also required to get a D.O.T. physical every two years to insure that their health is suitable to operate the large vehicles.

The resulting damage from a serious collision between a truck and a car is frequently the same:  The truck prevails.  A driver in a car that is struck by a truck is much more likely to be seriously injured or die than when two cars are involved in a collision.  The sheer size and weight difference in the two types of vehicles causes that result.

As the laws for driving trucks are different from cars, so is the way that truck accidents are handled when legal claims are pursued.  Accidents involving commercial vehicles require specialized skill and attention to litigate successfully.

If you or someone you know is involved in either a car accident, a truck accident or an accident involving a commercial vehicle anywhere in Ohio, it is advisable that an experienced personal injury attorney be contacted. Please contact the Ohio accident law firm of Slater & Zurz LLP for a free consultation by calling 1-800-297-9191 or sending a Blog Message to set up a time to talk with with an attorney that will protect your interests.

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