Traumatic Brain Injury Compensation

June 18, 2012

Brain Injuries

An injury to the brain of any individual is among the most difficult of all health problems to live with.  It can change everything and alter life permanently.  This type of injury sometimes occurs in vehicular accidents, factory workplaces, the birthing process, falling from heights, and other situations that impact the head area.  Sometimes the effects of the injury lay silent for months before appearing physically, typically to a point that only the family members of the injured notice differences in behavior or personality.

Brain injuries can be difficult to prove in court for several reasons.  As mentioned above, the effect may not be apparent for months, or may be very subtle in its manifestation.  The effect may be as simple as a small change in personality, the development of depression, or becoming anxious and losing the will to be social.  The change may not manifest itself until scar tissue starts to form on the damaged section of the brain.  Since most people have not undergone neuropsychological testing previous to the accident, there is nothing to compare the tests to taken subsequent to the accident.

Babies are sometimes asphyxiated during the birthing process due to negligent medical procedures, which leads to a permanent brain injury.  If this happens, it is important to contact an experienced attorney so the future of your child can be secured, and a thorough plan be developed for their continuing medical care.  Many times parents are not even aware that damage occurred. It is crucial that if any problems are suspected, that testing and follow-up care be completed to determine if there is injury.

Generally, medical expert witnesses are employed by attorneys to prove that there is a change in the brain function of the injured party, thus proving the injury.  However, a less traumatic brain injury may need to be proved from school records, work performance history, and testimony from family and friends regarding the person’s behavior before and after the accident.  Frequently, a neuropsychologist is engaged.

When confronting brain injury from any accident or birth, it is important to seek an experienced attorney that has handled similar matters in the past.  Building your case from start to finish is crucial to success in recovery for you or your loved ones injury.  An injury such as this can be permanent with serious implications on life—it is deserving of due compensation to protect your interests and your quality of life.

Please call the Ohio law firm of Slater & Zurz LLP for any questions you may have regarding traumatic brain injury at 1-800-297-9191. You can also send us a blog message with any questions or concerns, and our experienced attorneys will be happy to serve you.

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