Ohio Car Accident Damage Possibilities and Time Limits

June 10, 2012

Auto Accidents

car accidentDuring the course of a lifetime, almost everyone is involved in a car accident at some point.  Daily driving is statistically among the most dangerous of all activities.  It has been said that if you are in a car accident, chances are that it will be within a few miles of your home.  This is either because you drive that area more often than other areas, or because you are less attentive on your home turf, believing that you know the area so well that you become complacent.  If you do get into a collision, you need to be informed as to Ohio’s time limits for filing a claim for injuries, as well as the amount of damages that you may be entitled to for compensation.

Ohio law specifically states that a claimant only has two years from the date of the accident to file a claim in court for compensation due to bodily injury, wrongful death, and/or injury to personal property.  Laws that place time limits for particular categories of actions are called “Statutes of Limitations,” and they are unfortunately extremely hard to overcome should the time limit expire on your claim.

There are many fallacies pertaining to the amount of damages one can obtain after being injured in a car accident.  One of them is that you can get “Three times the amount of your medical bills.”  This is not true.  There are several laws in Ohio which determine and limit damages. There are two basic types of damages:  Economic damages, which are monetary in nature and typically consist of medical bills, property loss replacement, and lost wages, and Non-Economic damages, which consist of pain and suffering, mental anguish, change in lifestyle, and other types of non-pecuniary harm.

Economic damages are unlimited in Ohio.  This means that if you have one million dollars in medical bills, you can get one million dollars in damages.  Non-economic damages, however, may be limited depending on the type of injury sustained.

Attempting to file a claim due to a car accident without an experienced personal injury attorney would be extremely difficult.  An insurance company is likely to push you to settle immediately after the accident occurs—

Please do not rush into such a situation, because you will be invariably taken advantage of.  Hiring an attorney immediately will allow for any latent injuries not recognized initially to show themselves, which is important so that you don’t end up undercompensated.

Considering the foregoing information, it is advisable to contact an experienced personal injury attorney at Slater & Zurz LLP for a free consultation by calling 1-800-297-9191 or sending a Blog Message to make certain that you are adequately represented in order to insure compensation for injuries and other damages sustained during a car accident. Slater & Zurz LLP is an Ohio law firm with over 40 years of experience.

To learn more, visit slaterzurz.com.

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