Denture Cream Lawsuits

March 15, 2012

Denture Cream Lawsuit

The following article was contributed by Sandy Bee Lynn:

denture cream lawsuitsZinc is known to man as an essential element which is required in the body for a number of processes such as wound healing. A deficiency of zinc can result in poor health conditions and one of its benefits is helping to prevent diarrhea. On the other hand, too much zinc can wreck havoc on the body as well, causing urinary tract infections and kidney stones as reported in a February 2007 study published in “The Journal of Urology.”

In the past year or two, zinc poisoning has been associated with the use of denture cream, usually used by the elderly. Popular brands such as Fixodent® and Poligrip® have been linked with problems that are causing nerve damage in some users. This damage is called Neuropathy which can cause numbness or tingling in feet, legs, hands and/or arms; a lessening of strength or even inability to move arms or legs (also known as “foot drop”); pain in extremities; stumbling or falling; lack of balance and a change in your walking “gait.”

Obviously, zinc poisoning is caused by too much zinc in a product. Manufacturers are not required to disclose the amount of zinc they use in their products, therefore its extremely hard to ascertain the amount of zinc that is used in denture cream.

In a startling story, Mark Jacoby, 41, told anchor Chris Cuomo (Chief of the Law & Justice Unit of ABC News’ 20/20 show) about his decline in health and the long process of trying to figure out the cause. “I started getting tingling in my fingertips. And then it started happening in my toes. I started getting weaker and, you know, I couldn’t walk, off balance and I’m at this point now.” Jacoby, a former construction worker fromYork,Pa., now uses a wheelchair. His doctors searched for years for the cause of his neurological illness and eventually tied it to high levels of the mineral zinc in his body. Jacoby, who has worn dentures for 20 years, believes it came from his denture cream, Fixodent®, which contains zinc.

In the same interview, Cuomo related the story of 48-year-old Anne Coffman from Maine who used Fixodent® frequently because of ill-fitting dentures. After three years she noticed problems such as numbness in her toes, which spread to both feet and then up to her knees. She was diagnosed with zinc poisoning. Coffman is now in a wheelchair and has weakness in her hands and arms as well.

Both Coffman and Jacoby are part of a class action lawsuit against Procter & Gamble, makers of Fixodent®, alleging that their use of the product has caused their devastating problems.

Even though the body needs zinc, overdoses can be toxic. The body can balance zinc and copper, but people who have too much zinc have dangerously low levels of copper. The benefits of copper in the body include proper growth, reducing the anti-inflammatory actions of arthritis, increased energy production and it’s also known as a brain stimulant.

Before May 2010, Poligrip® contained a relatively small amount of zinc – about 34 milligrams per gram in the original formulation and about 27.5 milligrams per gram in the Polyseal formulation. GlaxoSmithKline, manufacturer of both products, sent a “Dear Doctor” letter to physicians warning that excessive use of the product by patients could be dangerous. Fixodent® contains small amounts of zinc – about 17 milligrams per gram.

Both statistics were obtained in a study by Sharon Nations, MD, and colleagues at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 2008.


The Merck Online Manual partially defines zinc poisoning or toxicity as a process which interferes with copper metabolism and causes lowered copper levels in the body.

This can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, metal fume fever, shakes and neurological damage.

If you or a loved one is a denture cream wearer and you are concerned about zinc poisoning, there are tests that you can take to see if there is a problem.

*  Muscle weakness, numbness or loss of sensation, tingling or pain – all in your extremities or loss of balance and coordination could be a sign of neurological problems including neuropathy. Neuropathy symptoms also include problems with blood pressure, heart rate and constipation.

* Contact your doctor. He or she can order testing that will evaluate your medical condition to let you know if you have zinc poisoning.

Take action today – neurological disorders can affect a number of body functions which in turn can often cause irreversible damage.

If you believe you or someone you know is suffering from denture cream poisoning and you would like to speak to an attorney, please contact Slater & Zurz LLP for a free consultation by calling 1-800-297-9191 or send a Blog Message to schedule a time to talk that is convenient for you.

To learn more about denture cream lawsuits in Ohio, please visit the following link:

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