Mild Brain Injury and Severe Brain Injury

January 27, 2012

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can significantly alter the lives of both the victim and their families. These injuries are devastating for various reasons and often lead to emotional, physical and financial hardships. As such, it is crucial that if you have sustained brain injury, whether mild or severe, to seek legal advice of a lawyer experienced with handling brain injury cases as soon as possible.

There are basically two different types of brain injuries involved in lawsuits: mild and severe.  Every brain injury lawsuit is unique and the evidence required to prove causation, liability and damages will be different in each case. What is certain is that brain injury lawsuits are very complex.

Mild Brain Injury

If you have sustained a mild traumatic brain injury  (TBI), you have probably suffered on minimal, if any, loss of consciousness, and have normal CAT scans and MRIs with normal neurodiagnostic reports. You most likely act, look and sound quite normal. Therefore, your lawyer will not only have to prove the elements of damages but also prove the injury itself.

The defense will generally argue that you do not have a brain injury at all because either you are lying or your symptoms are the byproduct of another condition or is simply post-traumatic stress or depression.

In order to prove a mild traumatic brain injury, your lawyer will first look at your medical records immediately following your injury. Your attorney will also look at other documents such psychological records, marital counseling records, employment records, etc.

Your lawyer will also need to retain the expert opinion of a highly reputable neuropsychologist. In addition, testimony of family members and friends will also be invaluable if they can describe that you have been acting differently since your accident.

Severe Brain Injury

It is generally far easier for attorneys to prove a severe traumatic brain injury case, as opposed to a mild TBI case. If you have suffered a moderate to severe brain injury, you will have many physical and mental disabilities that are readily apparent. And as such, it will be nearly impossible for the defense to prove that you are not suffering from a brain injury.

Furthermore your lawyer can use your MRI and CAT scans, which undoubtedly demonstrate the specific area of your brain that was damaged, to prove your case. Your medical records will also provide clear symptoms indicating brain damage.

In short, whether you have suffered a mild or severe brain injury, you are entitled to just compensation for your injuries and the medical bills that you have incurred in treating your condition. Only, with the expert legal help of a lawyer experienced with brain injuries, can you get the compensation that you deserve. Contact the attorneys at Slater & Zurz LLP for a FREE evaluation of your traumatic brain injury case by calling 1-800-297-9191. You may also send a Blog Message to schedule a time to talk.

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