Definition and Cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries

January 26, 2012

Brain Injuries

Ohio traumatic brain injury lawyerA traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury that involves damage to the brain that is the result of external blunt force or a penetrating trauma to the head. Consequently, the injured party usually experiences some sort of physical, cognitive or behavioral-emotional impairment. Such impairments can be either temporary or permanent, and they can leave the victim partially or completely disabled. If you or a loved one has experienced such an injury, you may want to seek the services of anOhiobrain injury lawyer to assist you.

A traumatic brain injury can take place after a wide array of situations, including falls, car accidents, explosions, sports injuries, and gunshot wounds. A person’s head striking an object or blows to the head, as well as the swift acceleration and deceleration of the brain in a whiplash-type injury are usually the major causes. In cases such as those mentioned above, the brain can be injured by direct impact of the head with some other object, like the head rest, windshield or even the airbag, or the brain can be hurt when the head is violently shaken to the point that the brain moves, twists, and stretches inside of the skull.

Even though the skull shields the brain from being harmed by outside forces, the skull itself can contribute to brain injuries when another object strikes the head or the head is shaken. The brain is a very soft organ that has the consistency of butter. That said, brain damage can happen when the brain makes contact with the sharp interior of the skull at the point of the initial contact (as well as at the opposite side of the brain), as the brain sloshes back and forth like water sloshing in a pan. Once the brain is jarred against the inside of the skull, the brain’s nerves become deformed or lengthened, which can lead to organic changes that hinder the brain’s normal function.

Furthermore, the brain can be harmed by circumstances other than a blow or shaking. Despite the fact that they are not technically traumatic brain injuries, oxygen deprivation and exposure to chemical neurotoxins can cause brain injury as well. These types of injuries can be caused by anesthesia errors during surgery, obstetrical errors during labor and delivery and errors in prescribing or dispensing medications, just to name a few.

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