Bicyclists Suffer Brain Injuries After Being Struck by Van

January 16, 2012

Brain Injuries

Ohio brain injuries from bicycle accidentsA driver who plowed his van into five bicyclists over two years ago was sentenced to two years in jail. He was convicted on counts of dangerous driving which caused bodily harm and fleeing the scene of an accident. Among the five cyclists who were hurt were two who suffered brain injuries.

The accident occurred as five cyclists were beginning a 100 kilometer bicycle ride. The driver swerved into the bike lane and crashed into all five. He later claimed that he had fallen asleep, but apparently had no defense for fleeing the carnage he had created.

Three of the cyclists suffered injuries ranging from broken clavicles to shattered elbows and fractured pelvises. Among these was an athlete who competed in triathlons and scuba dived. She suffered through four surgeries and five weeks of hospitalization that have left her unable to return to her sports.

A fourth bicyclist received a spinal fracture and brain injury, the latter of which led to memory and concentration deficits. The accident made it difficult for him to work, and he has experienced depression.

The fifth bicyclist, however, suffered the most severe injuries. He nearly died as a result of the brain injury he received, and has had to retire from work. Previously a triathlete who participated in a wide range of sports, he has been left with such diminished memory and brain function that he can no longer run, ski, or cycle. He reports that often he cannot remember events of the previous day. He now suffers double vision, making reading problematic. The brain injury has relegated him to a walker. He reports that he has difficulty remembering to put one foot in front of the other.

A single moment of inattention by a driver devastated five active individuals, two of whom suffered brain injuries. While the driver has been given a sentence for his actions, the victims’ lives have been diminished forever.

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