Nursing Home Abuse Caught on Video

Ohio nursing home abuse caught on videoThe son of a 78-year-old nursing home resident caught his mother’s abusers on tape. After repeatedly complaining to the parent company that his mother was being brutalized, to no avail, he decided to take matters in his own hands and planted a camera in his mother’s room to expose the abusive caregivers.

The resulting videotape revealed such mistreatment that her family could not watch more than two segments of it. In the video, caregivers are seen tossing the elderly woman onto her bed roughly, punch her in the face, and essentially beat her up. Oddly enough, the abuse occurred despite the fact that the victim’s son posted signs around her room indicating that they were being videotaped!

One of the caregivers has been charged with felony assault, while two others were fired from the facility. Other workers are being investigated in what looks to be yet another example of the inhumane treatment that residents of nursing homes all too often receive.

Officials for the center originally denied the allegations in spite of such physical evidence as red welts on the victim’s face. However, after viewing the tapes the chief of geriatric care stated that he is “incredibly sorry.”

Our elderly deserve the best of care. If you have reason to believe a family member or loved one of yours is being mistreated, please contact us immediately by calling 1-800-297-9191 or send us a Blog Message to schedule a time to talk that is convenient for you. We can help stop nursing home abuse in Ohio!

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