High Net Worth Divorce, You Have A Lot To Lose Or Gain

Akron high net worth divorce lawyerIf you are about to go through a divorce in Ohio, and you are a business owner, CEO or high-level executive, physician or other professional, investor, have a trust fund, or have means from any source, the emotional pain of your divorce may be nothing next to the financial hit you could take. You need an experienced attorney who knows the ropes of a high asset divorce to protect you though this painful process.

And, if you are the “non-moneyed spouse,” you also need to be protected.

In high net worth cases, the attorney you select can make all the difference.

High stakes divorce cases can be very difficult, dramatic, resource intensive, long, and stressful for both the client and the attorney.  Your attorney has to have professional fortitude, experience, and adequate resources, as well as access to top experts, in order to represent you properly and completely.

Only the wealthiest of divorcing couples can afford to maintain the same standard of living for two households during and after the divorce that they were able to enjoy in one. The cost over the short term and the long term of the divorce itself, as well as the actual cost of litigation, has to be looked at very carefully before you decide in which of numerous directions you may go—from meditation, to settlement, to litigation.

High net worth divorce cases can become very complex very quickly, especially if any of these situations are a part of the proceedings:

The wealth involved is related to a business, business interests, securities portfolio, or other assets that must be valued.  These kinds of valuations always involve experts, and many of these cases are essentially reduced to a “battle of experts.”  Selecting, working with, preparing, and presenting the case using the right experts is critical, as well as effectively coordinating with an expert to weaken the persuasiveness of the opposing expert.

There are minor children involved, or there are other heirs to consider.

There are considerable assets in retirement accounts or stock options.

There are, or may be, hidden assets that are difficult to find or evaluate. Especially if you are the non-moneyed spouse, this is an area that has to be looked at very closely, and takes considerable expertise and hard work to uncover and bring to the case.

There are multiple residences, especially if they are in different states or different countries.

The financial holdings or history of the parties are so complex that detailed forensic research or tracing is required to determine both the extent of property as well as the character (whether it may be marital or separate property).

The nature of the facts are such that the attorney must be able to spot a wide variety of legal, finance, accounting and tax related issues relative to business entities and ownership, real estate, art and other collections, employee contract and benefit plans, and various other types of properties and interests, and then assemble and manage the best team of experts to prepare and present the case.

Assets or investment interests are owned and/or located interstate or internationally.

The tax implications of alternative property and debt distribution scenarios must be assessed and known.

Significant financial spousal support or risk exposure exists for either party.

One or both parties engage in combative and extensive discovery, negotiation, mediation, and/or litigation.

In the courtroom, or the boardroom, our experienced high net worth divorce attorneys will bring to the table our experience in reading financial statements, obtaining useful expert reports, and cross examining financial experts.

You can be sure that our many years of experience handling high net worth divorces will help you to get the results that you deserve. Please contact us by calling 1-800-297-9191 for a FREE consultation with an experienced high net worth divorce attorney or send us a Blog Message to schedule a time to talk.

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