Northeast Ohio Divorce Lawyers Provide Resources on Dividing Assets and Liabilities

The northeast Ohio divorce lawyers at Slater & Zurz are pleased to announce that their website offers resources on the division of assets and liabilities for those looking to obtain a divorce in the northeast Ohio counties of Summit, Stark, Portage, Cuyahoga, Columbiana, Geauga, Medina, Mahoning, Trumbull and Wayne. The northeast Ohio divorce attorneys at the firm are providing this information so that couples are aware of their legal rights in regard to the division of property, debt and tax liabilities in Ohio divorces. To learn more about asset and liability division in Ohio divorces and how these northeast Ohio divorce attorneys may be able to assist with your case, visit this link: Dividing Assets and Liabilities in an Ohio Divorce.

According to Ohio divorce law, property division follows a simple formula, which is detailed on the Ohio divorce lawyers’ website. However, there are several factors which can affect this formula, which is why it’s important for those seeking a divorce in Ohio to hire an experienced attorney to reach a favorable settlement. For instance, in dividing the marital home, the equity of the home; the financial stability of the husband and wife; whether the home will be sold; and the residency of the children will be considered. Furthermore, personal property, such as inheritance and heirlooms, often follow their own rules, and to fairly divided, may require the assistance of an experienced Northeast Ohio divorce lawyer.

Similarly, dividing debt and tax liabilities in a divorce may also involve complex issues which will necessitate the help of a Northeast Ohio divorce lawyer. While marital debts are typically divided equally, many times a credit card holder will have to pay off a balance in their own name. Additionally, tax consequences can complicate the division process, particularly if a business or child is involved.

If you are looking to obtain a divorce in Ohio, the northeast Ohio divorce attorneys at Slater & Zurz have the resources and experience needed to handle your claim. They understand that property and debt division in Ohio divorces carry long-term consequences for all the involved parties. With this in mind, they assume a long-term approach toward this process, and will use their experience in handling complex issues such as family heirlooms, tax issues and the dissolution of family businesses to their client’s advantage. To learn more about the experience of the northeast Ohio divorce attorneys at the firm, please visit today.

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