What’s A Free Consultation With An Attorney Like?

October 14, 2009

Our Free Consultations

When injured in an auto accident, at work or any other manner, many people are reluctant or afraid to contact an attorney. You shouldn’t be! Furthermore, you should not feel guilty about seeking proper compensation for your injuries. After all, you are the victim. You did nothing wrong. You need and deserve retribution for what happened to you. Insurance companies are not your friend. They will do their best to try and get you to resolve your case for less than its proper value.    

At the law firm of Slater & Zurz, LLP, here is what you can expect when you contact us about your case:

1. One of our highly experienced and caring attorneys will meet with you and listen to you in order to thoroughly understand what happened to you and what your case is all about. We can have this meeting either in one of our offices throughout Ohio or in the comfort of your home – wherever it is most convenient for you.

2. We will consult with one of our Board Certified Medical Experts about your medical care to make sure everything is being handled correctly to maximize your proper compensation.

3. We will help you identify and find medical experts to help you if you need that assistance.

4. We will assemble a very comprehensive, bound presentation for the insurance company on your behalf setting out in detail, all medical bills, records and, when necessary, special reports from expert physicians about the injuries you suffered. We will do all of this within 30 days after you finish your medical care and we receive your medical records.

5. We will sit down with you and evaluate your case and provide you with our 40 years of experience in developing a fair and full value for your case.

6. We will communicate our position with the insurance company and if they do not respond, we will move your case forward to mediation if appropriate and/or litigation. All our cases are prepared as if we are going to have a full trial. This preparation and thoroughness is what has allowed us to settle over 90% of our clients’ cases without going to court.

7. We will continue to aggressively negotiate on your behalf if a lawsuit is filed while looking for an opportunity to resolve your case for its full and fair value.

If you would like to find out more about our firm, visit our website at www.slaterzurz.com or call the senior partner of the firm, Mr. Jim Slater directly at 1-866-930-1946 and talk to him about your case. He is accessible anytime and wants to talk to you.

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Slater & Zurz LLP is an Ohio law firm of highly experienced and respected attorneys. Over the last 40 years, we have developed a reputation for getting positive results for clients. We've been trusted with handling over 20,000 personal injury cases and our clients have received more than $120,000,000.

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